Blessed Moya

My name is Uri akka "Blessed.moya", I was born and grown in the beautiful city of Barcelona in February of 1997. Since i was a kid have dedicated myself to paint murals walls and paintings, i am so passionated about spray and acrylics. Few years ago I learned to tattoo in a self-taught way, tattooing as i could on the couch at home, but step by step i got soaked up with the talent and essence of several artists from this city until i got where i am and keep improving every day, tattoo after tattoo. I started tattooing in Addicted in the summer of 2018 and here I found my place. I spec on Neotraditional because it gives me a lot of freedom at the time to use colors and shapes and to the Traditional for its classic beauty. Because tagging i drag an infinite love towards Letterings, I like it a lot to make them look very criminal or Chicano style.

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