My name is Max Palmer, although they usually know me in this world by the name of Tupamax. I was born in the city of Barcelona in 1990, a great Roman and medieval capital and from an early age I was impressed by its beautiful architecture, its art and its ancient history. I grew up amazed by video games and animation movies from the 80s / 90s like Akira or Studio Ghibli productions, which made a deep impression on my way of thinking and seeing things. I always liked to draw and imagine fictional creatures, and started at just 10 years old to paint Warhammer miniatures of dragons, elves and fantasy monsters, with which my passion for more professional coloring began. Extreme metal and art are my main inspirations in life. About 8 years ago I started tattooing with some friends and little by little after being in a couple of small studios, I got to Addicted Tattoo. My main style and inspiration are the medieval images, monsters and illustrations in which I am inspired to make my art and I enjoy as a small child recreating those fantasy monsters and demons on the skin.

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