Francesco Capodicasa "Capo"

Francesco Capodicasa, also known as “Capo” in the body art world, started his career as piercer in 1998 in London. He has since worked in several tattoo shops in Italy and abroad. His knowledge of the human anatomy and his professional techniques are what distinguishes Capo and makes him a much appreciated artist in the body modification community. He is meticulous, utterly precise and a multifaceted body artist specialising in scarification, scalpelling, 3D implants, lobule reconstruction, tongue splitting and more body modifications. Capo combines the newest techniques, passion, creativity and hygiene in his service. He opened the piercing shop “Addicted” in Barcelona in 2008. He is constantly expanding his knowledge of body modification as a participant of body modification meetings in Italy (APTPI), Germany (BMXnet) and USA (APP). Capo has collaborated with international artists such as Lewis Dodd, Sala, Manny, Erick BMT and Hugo Ferreira. Capo has got a formidable connection with his customers and co-workers and pays attention to detail. His passion makes his artworks very unique.

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