Corona Virus comunication

Corona Virus comunication

To our friends and clients Due to the new situation with the Virus crown, Addicted Tattoo and Piercing, we want to contribute our grain of sand for your safety, ours and that of everyone, tell you:

-For this reason, if you suffer or notice flu symptoms, you have traveled, let us know, by phone, email or social networks. We will easily find another date for your deposit. We think it is convenient to modify the date of your appointment, both for your health and that of our team, since there is no problem, because the deposit is not lost.

On the other hand, remember that Addicted Tattoo and Piercing maintains very high standards and quality of hygiene. Our Cleaning and hygiene products are the products recommended by the Ministry of Health (proprietary antibacterial and antiviral) and the same as our work procedure: masks, sterile gloves, etc ... Both piercing and tattoo.

Addicted maintains security measures regarding the companions of our clients, remembering that only those who have tattoos or piercings can go to the cabin We continue to work normally until further notice. We want to thank you for everything and see you very soon.


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