Piercing healing times

First of all, it is very important to understand that the total and complete healing time of any piercing is about a year or more.

So here we leave you an indicative table of the time that the piercing needs to be cleaned (water and saline solution or mouthwash for oral piercings) and the time to wait before changing the jewel for the first time.

These are very relative times, because the healing process and time changes from case to case depending on multiple factors. So the best option is to pass by the studio for periodic reviews where we will tell you whether to continue with the aftercare and if it is already possible to change the jewel.

When we talk about the first change of the jewel: firstly, in most cases it is not necessary to change it and if you want to show-off a new jewel you can change just the top of the jewel. In some cases, it may be advisable to reduce the size of the jewel (necessary on the tongue and lip). In case you want to change it for a jewel that has a different shape than the one was initially set, the times are a little longer (the table refers to changes with jewels with the same shape).

So I repeat, the best option is always to stop by the studio and listen to our advice for changing the jewel and duration of aftercare!

Cleaning Jewelry change
Tongue 10 days 2-3 weeks (required)
Lip 8 weeks 2-3 weeks (required)
Lobe 6-8 weeks 8 weeks
Ear cartilage 8-12 weeks 12 weeks
Eyebrow 8 weeks 10 weeks
Bridge 8-10 weeks 12 weeks
Nose 8-12 weeks 12 weeks
Septum 4-6 weeks 8 weeks
Male nipple 8-12 weeks 14 weeks
Female nipple 12-16 weeks 18 weeks
Navel 8-12 weeks 14 weeks
Surface 12-16 weeks 18 weeks
Microdermal 12-16 weeks
Vertical hood 4-6 weeks 8 weeks
Horizontal hood 4-6 weeks 8 weeks
Inner labia 4-6 weeks 8 weeks
Outer labia 8-12 weeks 14 weeks
Christina 12-16 weeks 18 weeks
Triangle 8-12 weeks 18 weeks
Ampallang 10-12 weeks 18 weeks
Apadravya 10-12 weeks 18 weeks
Prince Albert 8-12 weeks 14 weeks
Reverse P.A. 10-12 weeks 18 weeks
Dydoe 8-12 weeks 18 weeks
Guiche 8-12 weeks 18 weeks
Hafada and Scrotum 8-12 weeks 14 weeks
Frenum 6-8 weeks 10 weeks


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