Templar Joan

My name is Joan, known in the tattoo world as Templer. I walked the paths of ink for eight years and more than thirty years with a pencil or a pen in the hand. I started my journey in a small village in Valencia, Aielo de Malferit, but soon i moved to Valencia city, as a multi-faceted tattoo artist but took me a couple of years to define myself in style, I began to realize what really style is refers, marked by black, coming to work in a couple of studies. Leaving behind family and friends, I decided to move to Barcelona, working in small studies for a year, then i moved north again so Girona province was my home for three years, when Ive finished working my style, black and ornamental together with pointillism. Returning to resume the road, I came back to Barcelona, ??starting with one of my mentors and friend, Atichati, outlining my path, what Im doing and really enjoying as a tattoo artist. I recently joined the family of the Addicted Tattoo, to grow even more on what i really love When they tell you their dreams and nightmares, they let you do it on their skin, its whats really worth

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