Tattoo Aftercare

Never, never touch a fresh tattoo with dirty hands. Now that you have just got tattooed, you should take maximum care of your tattoo.

1. Clean your tattoo 3 times a day. Before cleaning, wash your hands! To clean it, use warm water and neutral soap.

2. After cleaning, dry your tattoo with a clean paper towel or air dry.

3. When completely dry, apply the tattoo cream. A small amount of product in each application, spread gently over the area to be treated until a uniform film is achieved.

4. You should apply the cream every time the tattoo seems a little dry, as it is about hydrating the tattooed area

5. Normally, you should only wear the tattoo covered with transparent plastic for the first 3 or 4 hours after completion, but in some type of tattoo (due to size, color, etc.) it may be advisable to wear the plastic for longer, So at this point, follow the directions of the tattoo artist who made your tattoo.

6. Do not scratch the wound, or pick at any scabs in case it comes off.

7. Avoid non-specific products such as creams, makeup, cleansing milk, vaselin, etc. coming into contact with the tattoo

8. Avoid exposure to the sun and UVA rays as much as possible, because during the first month if you sunbathe you can lose the pigment and the drawing would lose its quality and color. After this month, if you sunbathe, we recommend using a high factor sunscreen.

9. During the healing period (about two weeks) do not expose the tattoo to water in swimming pools, lakes, sea, jacuzzi, etc.

10. Avoid direct contact on the tattooed area with the body fluids of others during healing.

11. Avoid contact with dirty or synthetic clothing in the tattoo area. Use clean sheets

For any questions, curiosity or problems, contact us. Call or stop by the studio. Stop by the studio a week after the tattoo has been done so we can observe the healing process.


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